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Zeta – SRE Intern

What is the job like?
○ As an intern you will engage in site reliability efforts at Zeta
○ Monitor the stability of our products with various internal tools.
○ Ensure production servers are meeting the response SLA.
○ Scaling the production as per the demand.
○ Handle incident response, troubleshooting and fix for various
○ Handle escalations as per policies/procedures.
○ Get different internal/external groups together to resolve production
site issues effectively.
○ Communicate clearly on tickets, phone calls made to the team about
various issues.
○ Exhibit a sense of urgency to resolve issues.
○ Ensure SLA’s and Operational standards are met.
○ Raise tickets to different internal groups to resolve recurrent problems,
alerts and follow-up on escalated issues.

○ Liaison with engineering teams for RCA’s(Root Cause Analysis),
permanent resolutions on issues affecting production sites.
○ Contribute to Operations handbook.
○ Participate in On Call rotation.
● Who should apply for this role?
○ Requirements:
You are acquainted with many of the below skills/tools –
■ Linux: Good understanding of Linux Systems.
■ Windows: Windows 2000/2003/2008
■ Scripting: Any of Bash/PERL/Ruby/Python/PHP
■ Fundamentals: Basic DNS & Networking, TCP/UDP, IP Routing, HA
& Load Balancing Concepts
■ Application Protocols: SMTP, HTTP, FTP, IMAP and POP

Zeta – SDE Intern

What is the job like?
○ Developing, documenting, releasing, and maintaining large scale
backend applications
○ Working on bug fixing and improving microservices performance and
○ Discovering, evaluating, and implementing new technologies to
maximize development efficiency
○ Optimizing performance for the microservice and keeping it up to date
with the latest industry standards
● Who should apply for this role?
○ Master’s/Bachelor’s degree in engineering
○ Strong computer science skills – fluent coding, advanced
understanding of networking, operating systems, OOPs concepts.
○ All expectations below are optional for Freshers/interns –

○ Proficiency in Java , Spring boot, AWS Infra, Kafka etc.
○ Experience in writing functional tests, experience in the usage of
instruments to detect memory leaks and for performance optimization
and solid understanding of memory management
○ In-depth understanding of industry recommended guidelines and best
practices for coding
○ Proven hands-on experience working with multithreading, database
interactions, logging libraries, queuing systems etc.
○ Knowledge of networking, various design patterns, and Multithreading

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