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Company Description

Valeo is a tech global company, designing breakthrough solutions to reinvent the mobility. We are an automotive supplier partner to automakers and new mobility actors worldwide. Our vision? Invent a greener and more secured mobility, thanks to solutions focusing on intuitive driving and reducing CO2 emissions. We are leader on our businesses, and recognized as one of the largest global innovative companies.

Develop and maintain NLP and machine learning solutions tailored to the organization’s

specific needs.

○ Implement and fine-tune state-of-the-art models, particularly focusing on Local LLMs such as

Llama-2 and GPT4all.

○ Collaborate with the data team to understand and interpret data structures and needs.

○ Conduct rigorous model training, validation, and testing to ensure optimal performance.

○ Stay updated with the latest advancements in NLP and Generative AI research and methodologies.

○ Work closely with other technical teams to integrate NLP and AI solutions into broader systems or


○ Skills: NLP and NLG, Spacy, BERT, Topic modeling, Named Entity recognition, POS tagging, Gen

AI, LLM, Text vectorization, multi-class classification, Machine learning Algorithms

Creating data pipelines:

○ Read source data from different formats (excel, csv, txt, pdf etc) and transform the data using

suitable scripts in a way to bring out business value from the data

○ Load the data into servers ensuring good data quality, right quantity, technical accuracy and

sufficiency to meet project objectives

○ Prepare both structured and unstructured data to the right format to train machine learning


Proof of concepts:

○ Create quick Proof of concepts using Streamlite, Flask and other similar Front ends.

Take care of the functionality and version management of PoCs

○ Own the PoCs and help the deployment team to productionize the application.

Job:R&D Engineer

Organization:Product Technical

Schedule:Full time

Employee Status:Regular

Job Type:Permanent contract

Job Posting Date:2023-11-20

Join Us !
Being part of our team, you will join:
– one of the largest global innovative companies, with more than 20,000 engineers working in Research & Development
– a multi-cultural environment that values diversity and international collaboration
– more than 100,000 colleagues in 31 countries… which make a lot of opportunity for career growth
– a business highly committed to limiting the environmental impact if its activities and ranked by Corporate Knights as the number one company in the automotive sector in terms of sustainable development

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