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Participation Timeline (Important note):

 Hiring challenge participation window will be open from 1st Dec – 3rd Dec   &   8th Dec – 10th Dec.

4th to 7th Dec – Participation window will be closed.

Challenge Format

  • The Seclore coding challenge will be held over one round.
  • One programming question. Only those who qualify in this coding challenge will get to participate in further rounds.
  • Choose your preferred language: Java/C++/Python
  • On completing all the rounds successfully, you stand a chance to head straight to the interview round for the Product Engineer role at Seclore.


  • C++
  • Java
  • Python

About Company

Seclore is a product-based organization. We are protecting the world’s sensitive data wherever it goes. Seclore protects and controls digital assets to help enterprises close their data security gap to prevent data theft and achieve compliance.

Product Engineer C++

Experience: 0-4 years

Number of Openings: 10

Job Location: Mumbai/Pune


  • The role involves development using C/C++ and related technologies on Windows and Linux platforms.
  • You will be a part of the core product team developing Seclore’s flagship product. It will involve participation in requirements analysis, impact analysis, design, coding, review, testing and preparing test cases.

Minumum Qualifications

  • You are expected to have expertise in C/C++ and good programming skills.
  • A good aptitude and attitude are a must.
  • Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills with experience of various tools like Sysiternals Tools, debuggers / windbg, API Monitors etc is preferred.
  • Experience of XML, STL, Win32 SDK, Dynamic Library, Process, Multithreading, Windows Messages, ATL, COM, HTTP, File I/O, Memory Mapping, API Hooking, Memory Management, and Windows and Linux OS environment is preferred.
  • Experience of Cryptography, Data Security, Information Security and Security Technologies is preferred.
  • Experience of MS Office & Outlook Object Model (OOM) is preferred.
  • You should hold a technical degree (Engineering or MCA). You should have a minimum relevant experience.

Trainee Product Engineer/Product Engineer Java

Experience: 0-4 years

Number of Openings: 10

Job Location: Mumbai/Pune


  • You will be part of the core product development team that is responsible for building different components of the Seclore products.
  • You will be responsible for designing, coding, reviewing, testing, bug-fixing different modules of the software product that needs to work seamlessly across different customer environments.
  • We are looking for a coding enthusiast who love working with code and developing software systems.
  • This is an excellent opportunity for young passionate developers to start their career on a strong platform with a world class product development experience and deep understanding into various cutting-edge technologies J2EE / Encryption / XML / LDAP/ Databases/ Internationalization etc.

Candidate Profile

  • At Seclore attitude and aptitude trumps everything else. While depth of knowledge is highly valued, we tend to be tech agnostic; what matters most is innovation and working smart.
  • BE / B.Tech / MCA / PGDST qualification from reputed institutes.

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