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Company Description

Position Overview:
Park+ is seeking a motivated and technically skilled Junior DevOps Engineer to join our
innovative team. This role is ideal for someone who has a foundational understanding of
DevOps practices and tools, and is eager to grow their expertise in a dynamic and supportive

Key Responsibilities:

1. Collaboration and Support: Work closely with development teams to integrate their
projects into the production AWS or GCP environment and ensure their ongoing support.
This includes troubleshooting and resolving issues in development, test, and production
2. Automation and Optimization: Implement automation tools and frameworks (CI/CD
pipelines) to streamline deployment processes. Enhance performance by evaluating and
tuning systems, services, and infrastructure.
3. Containerization and Orchestration: Manage and scale applications using Kubernetes
and Docker. Ensure optimal configuration, deployment, and management of
containerized applications.
4. Monitoring and Maintenance: Monitor systems to ensure they meet both user needs
and business goals. Keep an eye on the latest industry trends and technologies to
continuously improve our practices.
5. Linux Administration: Perform basic to intermediate system administration tasks on
Linux servers, including configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
6. Cloud Services Management: Assist with the management of cloud resources,
preferably on AWS or GCP, ensuring efficient utilization and cost-effectiveness.
7. Documentation and Reporting: Maintain documentation for processes, systems, and
environments. Create reports to provide insights and updates to the team.


● Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.
● Practical experience with Kubernetes and Docker.
● Strong understanding of Linux operating systems.
● Familiarity with cloud services (AWS or GCP) is highly desirable.
● Good problem-solving skills and ability to work under tight deadlines.
● Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

What We Offer:

● A collaborative and friendly work environment.
● Opportunities for professional growth and learning.
● Exposure to cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in DevOps.
● Competitive salary and benefits package

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