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Company Description

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • 2 years of experience with developing front-end reporting within enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) suites.
  • Experience with SQL, manipulating and analyzing data sets to distill insights from data.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience collaborating on projects involving multiple teams, managing relationships with clients, and presenting to audiences.
  • Experience with R, Python, or other scripting languages.
  • Ability to be client service-oriented with an emphasis on creativity and diligence.
  • Excellent people management and communications skills.

About the job

Great just isn’t good enough for our People Operations team (known elsewhere as “Human Resources”). We bring the world’s most innovative people to Google and provide the programs that help them thrive. Whether recruiting the next Googler, refining our core programs, developing talent, or simply looking for ways to inject some more fun into the lives of our Googlers, we bring a data-driven approach that is reinventing the human resources field. You’ll play an essential role advancing a more diverse, accessible, equitable, and inclusive Google through our hiring, promotion, retention, and inclusion practices.


  • Contribute to multiple analytics projects to design, build, and launch dashboards and other unified scaled people insights solutions which will include requirements gathering, planning, development, implementation, stakeholder management, and on-going support.
  • Partner with the People Analytics ecosystem to translate research, program, and people support initiatives via unified data platforms for critical user groups including Google’s Leaders, People Partners.
  • Influence, query, and analyze large data sets to distill insights from the data and connect disparate ideas into cohesive, well-grounded recommendations using creative, structured and problem-solving thinking.
  • Contribute to shared analyst infrastructure (e.g., code base, business intelligence stack), and continually innovate on infrastructure for the analyst community to utilize.
  • Use data visualization and analytical skills to simplify business flows and data narratives.

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