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Company Description

The Process Analyst is responsible for keeping business processes related to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sub-systems such as the ticket and document management systems up and running at all times. Responsibilities include the continuous improvement of processes within the Customer Care department including the creation and maintenance of processes, documentation and training material as well as the execution of training. In emergencies, the employee is obligated to help departments in completing orders/projects in a timely manner. Upon upper management request, the Process Analyst will create and support application/department specific reporting requirements.


  • Provides second level user support to business critical software packages such as the Ticket system, ERP platform with the focus on Customer Care Services. Willingness to support additional modules.
  • Compliance with all company and department policies and procedures and in the maintenance of the high standard of confidentiality with respect to clinical trials.
  • Strives to achieve a respectful, open dialogue and harmonious working relationship with other members of the team.
  • Appreciates each team member’s contributions and values each individual member.
  • Assist helpdesk agents by identifying problem areas within product lines as they occur. Provide data necessary for problem areas to be researched appropriately. Provide documentation as necessary to inform appropriate people about technical information not covered by other materials.
  • Proactively communicate to all involved parties through knowledge bases, intranet and training sessions in the interest of preventing and solving problems. 
  • Utilizes a variety of software applications to administer customer account information and diagnose and resolve technical difficulties.
  • Analyses data associated with reported issues, replicates issue and determines if the issue can be resolved by the support center or referred to development for resolution.
  • Researches knowledge base to determine if issue resolution is present or current and updates knowledge base for future reference for resolution identification.
  • Proactively analyzes business processes and implements improvements with the responsible department leads.
  • Creates a consistent documentation of business processes (process flow charts) and detailed documentation to synchronize what is described in our quality manuals.
  • On request creates, develops and provides business critical statistics and reports to the management. 
  • Handover well documented, trained and validated day-to-day activities to the business owners.
  • Provide regular trainings to ensure we work according to our SOPs.
  • Schedule and manage external consultancies regarding ERP related projects after budget approval.
  • Work closely with other departments to ensure the software we use considers regulatory requirements.
  • Implementing new processes inside Customer Care and related departments.
  • Maintaining existing processes inside Customer Care and related departments during their lifecycle.
  • Main contact for Customer Care related applications used/supported.
  • Specifications of systems requirements and preparing feasibility proposals.
  • Achieve high customer satisfaction and provide outstanding support.
  • Act as a back-up performing colleagues’ tasks when necessary.
  • Follow established communication guidelines.
  • Keep unit down times as short as possible.
  • Act cost-consciously and profit orientated.
  • Internalize and promote the company vision.


  • Achieve high customer satisfaction and provide outstanding support.
  • Achieve high quality standardized, lean business processes supporting the company’s business model in Customer Care.
  • To work according to the company’s quality standards.
  • Provide technical trainings to employees and distributors.
  • Support helpdesk team to manage Clario projects.
  • Act cost-consciously and profit orientated.
  • Internalize and promote the company vision.
  • Listens to and accepts input from other team members, actively applying feedback to daily work whilst continually striving to improve performance.
  • Strives to achieve a respectful, open dialogue and harmonious working relationship with other members of the team.
  • Appreciates each team member’s contributions and values each individual member.
  • Seeks input from supervisor.
  • Actively applies feedback received to daily work and strives to improve performance.
  • Displays a positive attitude.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in daily work.
  • Sets high standards of performance for oneself.


(Key wording should include if degree is needed, any travel requirements, special qualifications needed, skills, etc.)


  • Preferably bachelors degree, IT related, scientific or technical education/degree or equivalent qualification. Knowledge of application, operation and repair of PC based medical equipment or related products. Fluent in spoken and written English.


  • Create database queries, good analytical and communication skills, ability to design and develop databases.
  • Advanced Microsoft Office application skills, knowledge of object oriented software development.
  • Other tools like document, workflow and output management, or business intelligence tools.
  • High level of logical and analytical skills with a financial background.
  • Minor programming activities, but a good technical knowledge is required.
  • UML, ERM, SQL. SQL Server database knowledge, IT network skills. 
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML.
  • .NET Technology.
  • Reporting services.
  • Support and service of medical equipment, team work, demonstration of self-composure in all customer relations, strong persuasion skills with customers, working independently and effectively in given areas of responsibility.
  • Safety, company policies, quality, ERP, CRM, office package, assigned product knowledge.

The duties and responsibilities listed in this job description represent the major responsibilities of the position.  Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned, as required.  Clario reserves the right to amend or change this job description to meet the needs of Clario.  This job description and any attachments do not constitute or represent a contract. The Department Head has the discretion to hire personnel with a combination of experience and education, which may vary from the above listed qualifications.Courageously Curious

Our appetite to blend the best of domain expertise, technology and human understanding knows no bounds. We’re relentless in pursuing the information, insights and inspiration that means we can continuously improve clinical trial site support services and technology solutions.


· We learn; embracing change, questioning how we work, finding a better way. And if it doesn’t go to plan, we don’t blame each other; instead, we own it and grow together
· We partner’ with each other, with customers, patients and sites, working with them to understand their goals and then deliver the best solutions, Deliver Exceptional

We step forward because responsibility powers us; we don’t leave others to do what we can do ourselves. We take charge of events, delivering exceptional work for our customers, patients and each other.


· We prioritize; focusing on what matters, never compromising on quality.
· We commit; delivering what we say we will, working with energy and intent, sharing what we learn with each other., People first, always

We think of others before we think of ourselves. We have a deep understanding of our customers, and deep empathy for patients—and each other. We’re united by our purpose—it’s why we go above and beyond to support each other, emphatically.


· We do the right thing; for our customers, patients, sites and each other. And We’re passionate about it.
· We lift each other up; respectful of different views, we listen are inclusive, and support each other to succeed.

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