Adobe Analytics Challenge 2023 | Batch – 2023,2024,2025

A unique analytics-focused business case competition where university students are given the opportunity to use Adobe’s industry-leading analytics products and access to real-world data from leading organizations.

You are NOT eligible for this competition if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • You are a part-time student
  • You already graduated from your academic program
  • You participated in this competition in the past and won a cash prize
  • You work or have worked for Adobe as an employee, intern, or contractor

Competition Rules

  • 1Teams consist of 1-3 students currently enrolled in a full-time academic undergraduate or graduate program.
  • 2All team members must be from the same university.
  • 3All students must register and comply to a non-disclosure agreement.
  • 4All teams need a faculty mentor who is currently employed by their same university (this includes adjunct professors).
  • 5All submissions and presentations must be delivered in English.
  • 6Individual countries may require additional conditions to participate – please read Official Rules for more information.
  • 7You may consult published works in the field of digital analytics and solicit help from your faculty mentor.
  • 8You may not make contact with employees of Adobe or the customer partner during the competition.
  • 9You may not consult with or solicit help from Adobe employees or contractors, students who are not on your team, or other outside professionals.

Judging Criteria

35%—Recommend opportunities for business improvement

We expect to see a connection between your analysis findings and the recommendations you make. The more actionable and impactful your recommendations, the better.

15%—Establish key business objectives and success metrics

We want to confirm you understand what the company’s business goals are as well as their KPIs. This information will be shared by the customer partner with all of the teams. We include this criterion to make sure you anchor your analysis and findings on what’s important to the business.

15%—Professionalism and communication skills

We are looking for polished presentations that are rehearsed and presented in a professional manner.

35%—Analyze factors impacting success metrics

We will be evaluating the quality, depth, uniqueness, and potential value of your analysis.

35%—Recommend opportunities for business improvement
15%—Establish key business objectives and success metrics
15%—Professionalism and communication skills
35%—Analyze factors impacting success metrics

Student Team Prizes

View Past Winners

1ST PLACE$35,000

2ND PLACE$14,000

3RD PLACE$6,000

4TH PLACE$3,000

5TH PLACE$1,500


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